European Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians

Hosting an EAVLD-congress

The board of the EAVLD invites all eligible parties to present a bid to host a future EAVLD-congress. Eligible parties should be working and living in Europe and be associated to a veterinary laboratory or research institute. The congress must be hosted in a European country.

Bids should be sent to the EAVLD Board. After studying the bids, the Board may invite one or more parties to clarify the bid in a telephone conference or in person at a Board Meeting. The Board will award the organisation of the congress to one of the bidders. The Board reserves the right to not accept any of the bids if they are not of sufficient quality.

The EAVLD congress takes place every two years, starting in 2010, and alternating with the WAVLD congress. The meeting will last for 2-3 days. The official language at the congress will be English, which means that all (scientific) abstracts, presentations and posters need to be in English.

In 2010, the first congress was organised, with 265 participants, 150 abstracts and 23 sponsors who were also present with an exhibition stand.

The scientific content (main subjects to cover, abstract requirements, invited speakers, etc.) of the congress will be decided on by the congress organisation and the EAVLD board in close cooperation. A minimum of 2 EAVLD board members need therefore be invited to take a seat in the scientific committee, so they can be directly involved and act as a liaison with the rest of the EAVLD board.

To allow colleagues with a low budget to attend, the congress fee (excluding accommodations and congress dinner, but including lunches and coffee breaks) should be kept to a reasonable level. In 2010, the regular fee for EAVLD-members was set at €240, with an early bird registration fee of €195. EAVLD-members should also receive a significant discount on the registration fee compared to non-members.

The bid has to include the following information:

  1. Overview of the members of the organising committee and any supporting organisation/institute.
  2. Proposed scientific content if available at the time of the bid (e.g. preferred scientific subjects, separate workshops, etc.).
  3. Number of expected participants, abstracts and sponsor exhibition stands, plus maximum capacity of each.
  4. Description of the suggested meeting place (lecture hall, extra rooms for side meetings, exhibition space, poster presentations, etc) and hotels (including capacity, preferable hotels in different price categories, including budget hotels). Please include websites where possible. Alternate or additional options and choices are welcome.
  5. Map of the location of all places (conference place, hotels, congress dinner, etc.).
  6. High level plan of advertising the congress (mail-outs, handouts, journal adds, website, etc), both for participants and sponsors. It is recognised that this plan will develop during the planning phase and only an outline is required as part of the bid.
  7. Planned social events (congress dinner, other activities).
  8. Draft budget for the congress, including approximate expenses for a participant (congress fee, hotel costs, local travel costs, food, etc.).
  9. Airline and train access (airports & railway stations). Please include transfer times to venue from such locations.
  10. Main tourist attractions.

Please offer this information in a concise way, with no more than 6 A4-pages.

As the organising committee you will be fully responsible for the organisation and handling of finances. EAVLD is not liable for any financial losses, nor will EAVLD claim any profits, should there be any. You shall be responsible for ensuring you have adequate insurance to cover any losses and liabilities your organisation may incur in organising the congress. Furthermore, you shall indemnify and hold harmless EAVLD and its board members against all claims, losses and liabilities that may arise from your organisation of the EAVLD congress.

Regular updates to the board of the EAVLD on the organisation of the congress are expected at least 3x per year.

In general, a bid for a future congress can be send to the EAVLD board at any time, as long as no congress for that year has been announced. You are advised to contact the board before submitting a bid though, to make sure that bidding for a specific year is still open.If you have any questions regarding the preparation of your bid, please contact our President or Vice President through our contact page. They will answer your questions and help you prepare your bid where necessary.